Wine Challenge

Edwin has a challenge where he needs to find a name for a new white wine blend from his Horse Mountain brand.

Wine drinkers love to hear the story behind a vineyard and the wines they drink. It adds to the romance of what they are drinking.

Edwin Doran owns a South African vineyard. We feature his wines, many of which have family connections e.g. Rosie D named after his wife as well as Arya & Romy D named after his grandchildren.

The current blend on this new wine are Chenin Blanc, Grenache Blanc, Roussanne and Viognier, however, it could also include Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Marsanne, Sémillon, Riesling and Gewürztraminer.

The main countries the wine will be sold in will be South Africa, UK and Ireland.

The blend of this wine may change over the coming years, so the name needs to be one that doesn't link to specific varietals.

Should your suggestion be chosen, you will win a 12 bottle case of Doran Vineyards wine!

Send us your suggestions in the comments below.


Michael Frederick - December 18, 2018


Kate Procter - April 30, 2016

Rained Down
It’s an anagram of Edwin Doran.

Newsletter Subscriber - April 21, 2016

Ellie May

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