Supper Success!

On a wild, wet and windy night all was busy in our pop up kitchen. The table was laid and our guests gathered for our very first
Cape Kitchen Supper!

Well what a success, you need only look at the smiling faces of the lovely people who graced the table. The delightful Lynda Mellor contributed greatly to the success by being her warm, welcoming and knowledgeable self. In her very capable hands we were kept interested and charmed by her knowledge of the wines for the evening, leaving us to take care of the food.

On arrival we served Moreson Solitaire Sparkling alongside biltong pate. This gave everyone a chance to introduce themselves and get settled. We served spicy butternut soup which was complemented by Kanu KCB Chenin. There was just the right amount of oakiness in this to pair beautifully with the soup.

Bobotie served with Spier 21 Gables Pinotage, Malva pudding with Vondeling Sweet Carolyn, Godminster Organic cheddar with Blaauwklippen White Zinfandel and Seed & Bean Espresso chocolate with Holden Manz Good Sport followed.

Even if I say so myself, these pairings all worked wonderfully!

I want to thank my guests for attending, Phil for taking these gorgeous photographs, Lynda for talking about the wines and Mike for being my all round support.

For more photos of the night, please see our Facebook page.

On the back of our success, we will be having another Cape Kitchen Supper soon.

If you would like to attend, please contact us.


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