Spur Signature Seasoning Smokey BBQ

Add it to your choice of meat, chicken, fish or salad and chips.


Switch up the way you grill by using the Spur Smokey BBQ spice as a steak rub for added flavour.


 This product is Halaal certified and Kosher certified.

 ALLERGENS: May contain: Cow’s milk, Egg, Soya, Wheat, Gluten.

 INGREDIENTS: Salt, Spices, Herb and spice extracts, Dehydrated vegetables (Garlic, Onion), Maize flour, Sugar, Yeast extract, Colourant, flavour blend (Flavourings, Maltodextrin, Vegetable Oil (Coconut, Palm fruit), starch, flavouring), Anticaking agent, Flavour enhancers, Flavouring.

Type: Food